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Welcome to Red Ruairidh Kilts. My kilts, plaids and all others products are wholly made in Edinburgh, Innellan and throughout Scotland. The cloth is made in Scotland and one mill in UK; due to certain tartans only being woven by this mill .

Red ruairidh kilts - where the authentic traditional hand sewn kilts are custom; made to your exact; size and specification. All my kilts are made from no less than 8 yards of cloth 

I market mens kilts, ladies kilts and full highland dress outfits for both. I market garb wear 17 th /18 th century dress, kids kilts, and can sell you tartan by the meter or yard. I only use the best craftsmen and women in Scotland,  My company only sells authentic Scottish goods that are made in Scotland. My aim is to provide the customer with the highest quality material and the best Scotland has to offer at the most affordable price possible.


Alterations being sent by post please email for address before sending.... 




Alterations to kilts from,

£30.00 , Jackets from £25.00, Trousers or trews from £25.00, very affordable prices  see alterations page for all services. Needing your kilt in a hurry moving the buckles and straps on kilts; to make bigger or smaller; can be done same day no extra cost,

Due to working life of many customers red ruairidh kilts will be open for all kilt alterations on a Sunday now from 10am to 4pm     

For fast response time call

07508940549 or 

leave text or message will be called back within the hour 



  Frequently asked questions

Before purchasing kilts, I am often asked these three questions:

1. Do I have a family tartan?
If you do, I will be able to find it for you. If you do not, you can choose from thousands of tartans. Please see the "Find your family tartan" link below for more information.

2. How long does it take for a kilt to be made?
If the cloth is in-stock at the mill, it can be made in 2-3 weeks. If it is out-of-stock, it may be that it is a "special weave" or rare tartan, which take from 3 to 6 months to be woven to order. If this is the case, I will discuss this with you, and suggest alternatives if this is impractical.

3. How much does it cost for a gents/ladies kilt/full outfit?
Please see the relevant pages - such as Gents outfits or Ladies outfits.

What is the difference between the ancient, modern, hunting, dress, and weathered? Most tartans fall into one of the falling categories.

Soft and lighter colours.
Tend to be strong, dark colours, although some are lighter. Usually they are quite plain.
Either of the above kinds of tartan, but they tend to have lots of green through them.
Any of the above, with lots of white through it.
Reproduction colours simulate the look of older cloth, weathered by the elements.
This guide will help you choose the perfect shade for the perfect kilt.

Friends of Red Ruairidh Kilts
Stunning elite sporran

These beautiful stunning hand crafted  sporrans come in a variety of designs. Made from high end leather and crafted by the best leather smiths    
This is product of the month 

Price:  £160.00

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  Featured product
Pewter sgian dubh

The sgian dubh is a ceremonial knife worn as part of the modern Scottish Highland dress, along with the kilt.This item can be customised: you can choose from five different stones for the top of the pommel.

Price £59

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Ruairidh This is Ruairidh, after whom the website has been named.

As a dedication to all animal lovers, and to Ruairidh, I have set up a pets accessories page.

Please check   new jabot and cuffs  that  have been added  to the catalogue.

Click here to go to the books.

Check out new plaid brooches on the Gifts page. Stunning choice of four designs, choice of stones, 250 clan crest names to choose from made in Scotland.


Special weave  woven to order min 10meters   


Written and composed by Matt Johnston for the Fellowship of The Thistle.
Click here to listen to Saorsa Song on YouTube


  Harris tweed

If your looking for something different and you dont want to go the tartan road, why not have look at the tweeds. Tweed is a very versatile fabric and can be made into kilts & jackets. Samples of the different  tweeds are available to see on the tartan goods page.
Visit the Harris Tweed Authority website »

  Tartan Authority

Click on icon below to take you to the utmost data on tartans, and for visual history of over 4,000 tartans.

Find your family tartan Click here to go to the Scottish Tartans Authority website, where you can browse through every tartan ever recorded.
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