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I am based in Edinburgh, and thus local alterations are welcomed. However, you may send your kilt by post if you wish - although I am not responsible for postage and insurance costs.

Please get in touch to discuss any kilt alterations. I offer many services in this field:

If your kilt's waist needs adjusting, the buckles and straps can be moved (to increase or reduce inches). Note that adjustments can be made up to ±3" only. moving buckles/straps only

replacing and moving buckles/straps


Extra long straps£10.00:  set of two

If the pleats of your kilt have lost their original setting (eg. through sitting and usage), I am able to re-set and base them. re-setting pleats, baiste, and press £25.00

I also offer the reversing of your kilt's apron, and the adding of a new canvas and lining.  reversing apron    £150.00

I also offer a total remake of your kilt (the kilt is stripped down and remade with new canvas and lining, and buckles and straps).

remaking the whole kilt £230.00

If your trews or trousers are too long, l can take them up if they are to lose l can take them in.

trews/trousers alterations £25.00

If your kilt jacket or day jacket is too long in the sleeves l can take the sleeves up.

kilt jacket/day jacket alterations £25.00

Please note that if there is an alteration you require that is not listed here, please give me a call or send me an email with details of the alteration and l will advice you if it is a possible.


  Super service

I offer a "super service" on alterations - send your kilt to me, and I will move the buckles and straps (up to ±3" only) and send it out the same day by first-class (insured) post.


moving buckles/straps (24hr service) £40.00



Sporran service

Need your sporran repaired l offer this service also


&nNew tassels set of two &;15.00


         Re attach  tassels&15;£10.00


        General repair of stitching of sporran£15.00


Quotes will be give on repairs not listed after assessment of the sporran is done

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