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  Wedding package
Outfit for the groom

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Unit price: £977.00
Delivery: £12
Total: £989.00

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                    WEDDING PACKAGE



Please note l do not make machine sewn  gents kilts  only hand sewn gents kilts. However l do machine sewn  Ladies and children's kilts on request .

Each kilt comes with a free pair of flashes which match the tartan of the kilt, and are given for free.

Please note that, for a waist of more than 42", 9 yards of cloth will be required. Should this be necessary, an extra £50 will be charged. If your chest size is over 46", the Prince Charlie jacket will cost an additional £30.

Prince Charlie jackets are available in: Black, Bottle Green, Lovat Blue.

Prince Charlie jacket and waistcoat £210.00
8yd kilt medium weight & free flashes £360.00
Twirled plaid £150.00
Formal sporran and chain £140.00
Sgian dubh (Celtic or Thistle handle) £45.00
Hose ('kilt socks') choice of colour £12.00
Brogues £60.00
Total outfit price





Please note that this is just a rough look at what a package would cost and how and what the groom would require .

Please also note that flashes, kilt pin in silver finish are free with this package. You are free to put together a package that suits you l will be all to happy to guild you in your requirements.

Find your family tartan Click here to go to the Scottish Tartans Authority website, where you can browse through every tartan ever recorded.
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