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  Elite Day Sporrans

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                   Elite leather day sporrans



 Sporran (Scottish  for "purse", pronounced sporanˈ is a traditional part of male Scottish Highland dress. It is a pouch that performs the same function as pockets on the pocketless Scottish kilt

Made ofleatherr or fur the ornamentation of the sporran is determined by the formality of dress worn with it. The sporran is worn on a leather strap or chain, conventionally positioned in front of the groin of the wearer.

Since the traditional kilt does not have pockets, the sporran serves as a wallet and container for any other necessary personal items. It is essentially a survival of the common European medieval belt-pouch, superseded elsewhere as clothing came to have pockets, but continuing in the Scottish Highlands because of the lack of these accessories in traditional dress.

The sporran hangs below the belt buckle; and much effort is made to match their style and design. The kilt belt buckle can be very ornate, and contain similar motifes to the sporran cantel and the Sgian Dubh. Early sporrans may have been worn suspended from the belt, rather than hung from a separate strap in front of the wearer.[citation needed]

These elite sporrans are made like no other and are crafted from the top quality leather by the best craftsmen and women in scoltand

Sporrans come in plain leather,celtic knot work which is carved or embossed into the leather. there are many designs to choose from with some having celtic knot meaning behind the design.



1     CODE     D6BR/A    tramline design    £160

2     code       D12/DA    plain design        £130

3     code       D12/BL/A plain sporran       £130

4     code       D6/DA     tramline design    £160 

5     code       D6/BR/A  tramline design    £160.00

6     code       D6/BL/A   black tramline     £160.00

67     code       D6/BR/B  brown tramline    £160.00

8     code       D4/BR/A   celtic dragon      £120

9     code       D4/BL/A   celtic dragon      £120

10   code       D4/BR/B  celtic dragon      £120

11   code       D4/BL/B   dark dragon       £100

12   code       D4/BR/c   antique dragon   £105

13   code       D12/Bl/c  plain black         £75

14   code       Di/BR/A   celticknot bird    £ 85

15   code       DI/BL/A   celticknot bird    £85

16   code       D2/BR/A celticknot  dog    £85

17   code       D2/BL/A  celticknot dog b  £85

18   code       D3/BR/A celticknot  design  £85

19   code       D3/BL/A  celticknot design  £55

20   code       D5/BR/A celticknot design a £60

21   code       D5/BL/C celticknot design  b £105

22   code       D5/BL/B celticknot design  b £85

23  code        D5/BR/c celticknot design tt  £105

24  code        D9/BR/A scottish clan crest  b £65

25  code        D9/BR/A scottish clan crest  b £65

26  code        D7/BI/A pouch sporran brass  £45

27  code        D11/BR/A pouch sporran        £50

28  code        D8/BL/C pouch sporran  knot  £100

29  code        D8/BL/A pouch sporran knot   £55

30  code        DI/BR/A soft leather sporran    £40

Find your family tartan Click here to go to the Scottish Tartans Authority website, where you can browse through every tartan ever recorded.
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