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The pictish symbol stones of scotland

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Product Description

Product Description

Of all the early historic peoples of Scotland, the Picts capture the popular imagination like no other. Although archaeology is gradually uncovering more information about how they lived, they are still best known for their carved monuments, which offer remarkable testimony to their artistic skills. The symbol stones of the Picts are among the most fascinating and enigmatic groups of early medieval sculpture. The purpose and meaning of the stones and carvings still remain something of a mystery - theories range from their use as personal memorials and testaments of clan membership to records of ancient ceremonies and rituals. Pictish sculpture has been the focus of in-depth study for over 200 years, yet the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland's approach of taking photographic records using oblique peripheral flash and producing measured drawings on site, has led to many exciting advances in the field.This highly illustrated volume is the definitive guide to the arcane history of Scotland's Pictish stones, for the first time featuring every symbol stone in Scotland, including a large number of previously unseen discoveries. Over 100 new drawings by John Borland, plus photographs and archive sketches, will feature alongside the details and locations of all the Scottish stones recorded so far. Combining expert research and photography with unique artwork, The Pictish Symbol Stones of Scotland is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in the history of one of our nation's most mysterious and captivating ancestors.

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