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Spell your pocket

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An introduction to magic and spellwork, this work applies practical wisdom with the natural magic that characterizes the real witches' kitchen. Author Kate West provides a concise introduction to the craft, as well as spells that can help you to improve every area of your life. Full of practical wisdom, it examines the myths and realities of witchcraft. It introduces the principles of magic, as well as explaining the witches' wheel of the year and showing how to celebrate the major festivals. There are spells for every aspect of witchy life, beginning with a self-dedication ritual for becoming a witch. But most importantly, the spells focus on the things in life that mean so much to everyone: love, money, protection and healing.

About the Author

Kate West is the author of The Real Witches' Handbook and The Real Witches' Kitchen. She is Media Officer for The Children of Artemis and High Priestess of the Hearth of Hecate, which runs a popular email support and enquiry service for Witches around the world. A practising Wiccan for over 30 years, she has excellent international contacts.

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