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In search of ancient Scotland

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Book Description

Walk the moors with Scotland's prehistoric people, climb its crumbling castle walls, stand on its battlefields alongside its great heroes, feel the presence of its ghosts held tight in images spun by ancient Celts.

This book transports armchair travelers or active explorers of all ages back in time to a Scotland most visitors never see. In this friendly, lively book, the authors guide readers to more than 200 ancient monuments to uncover unsual features, legends and history.

A descriptive timeline differentiates various eras from the Stone Age to the Renaissance. An index of sites facilitates finding them quickly. A glossary defines common historical, archaeological and Scottish terminology, and references suggest further reading. Sixteen color pages and numerous B&W photos supplement the text.

Written by North Americans from their own experiences, In Search of Ancient Scotland addresses independent travelers' questions and fears--driving on the left, roundabouts and one-lane roads, trespass and courtesy, language differences and money matters. Using a star system, they recommend their favorite places and provide clear directions.

Accompany these authors on their personal quest for Scotland's antiquity as they reveal their tips for planning and share their insights and adventures.

Find your family tartan Click here to go to the Scottish Tartans Authority website, where you can browse through every tartan ever recorded.
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