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Antler dirk & scabbard

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Scottish dirk

The Scottish dirk is a traditional accessory worn with the kilt as a part of full Highland dress for formal occasions. The Scottish dirk evolved from an earlier type of weapon known as a bollock dagger. Many Scottish dirks carry a smaller knife and fork which fit into compartments on the front of the sheath. The hilts of Scottish dirks are traditionally carved from dark colored wood such as bog oak or ebony. Scottish dirks are often lavishly decorated with silver mounts and have pommels set with cairngorm stones. The blades of most Scottish dirks measure 12" in length and are single edged with decorative file work known as "jimping" on the unsharpened back edge of the blade. When worn, the dirk normally hangs by a leather strap known as a "frog" from a dirk belt, which is a wide leather belt having a large, usually ornate buckle, that is worn around the waist with a kilt. A smaller knife known as a sgian dubh is worn tucked into the top of the hose when wearing a kilt

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