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Sgian Dubhs

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The sgain dubh is scottish Gaelic (skee(a)n doo") is a cerermonial knife worn as part modern highland dress along with the kilt. Is worn tucked into the kilt (hose)sock with only the pommel visible. The sgian dubh is normally worn on the right leg, but can be worn on the left, depending on weather the wearer is right or left-handed The name sgian dubh means "black knife" where the "black" may refer to the usual colour of the handle of the knife. It is also suggested the "black" means secret, or hidden as in the word blackmail.This is based on the stories and theories surrounding the knife,s origin and the meaning of "Dubh" in Gaelic, in particular those associated with the highland custom of depositing the weapons at the entrance to a house prior to entering as a guest. Despite this practice , a small twin edged-dagger,("Mattucashlass"), concealed under the armpit, combined with a smaller knife, ("Sgian dubh"concealed)in the hose or boot,would offer an element of defence or of surprise if employed in attack. An alternative theory is that the name is derived from the use of bog oak as a handle for the knife, bog oak traditionally being a black colour.

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