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  Belted plaid
A 16th century kilt

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                         BELTED PLAID 


The belted plaid is a large piece of fabric which is wrapped around the body and secured at the waist with a belt. It was a central piece of Highland dress for men from the 16th to the 18th century, and could be described as the blueprint for today's kilt.


Medium-weight cloth (double width) per yard
Heavy-weight cloth (double width) per yard


How to wear the belted plaid

  1. First lay out the tartan plaid.
  2. Then kneel on one end and pull the tartan towards you folding it in a uniformed manner.
  3. The basic idea is to get all the tartan folded as its easier to manage.
  4. Place the belt under the folds at waist level.
  5. You can now lay down on the folded plaid at waist level. Get both ends of the belt and secure it.
  6. You can now stand up. Pull one part of the plaid up and over the shoulder. Using a pin or brooch, secure to the shoulder.

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